Saturday, January 17, 2009

the end is near!

folks, dear readers, friends and other aliens!
like rachel so aptly pointed out, life happens. i am preparing a backpacking trip through brazil which will hopefully keep me far away from any internet access for two months. as to this blog, i wouldn't call it "dead" just yet, but it has not been my priority lately (so much for stating the obvious).
check back some day, who knows, maybe life happens a bit "less" when i return!
thanks for being patient and supportive!!!


Dan B said...

have a great trip!

I'll keep you in my rss reader.

MCH said...

Have fun, we would love to have you back great concept and I love the illustrations.

kazo said...

have a great trip (and be back safe).

Ed said...

Awesome! Been following the blog for a while, hope to keep it up (however infrequently ;)) when you return.

Have a great trip!

CosmoK said...

Man, sounds like a great trip! Have fun, be safe & hopefully you can post some pics & stories here along the way. I've been enjoying the spam posts, look forward to seeing some more eventually.

Miss F said...

ill wait for you!!!!!!!!!!

eda said...





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