Wednesday, July 2, 2008


well, as you, my loyal visitors, certainly have noticed, i should rename this blog to "aspamaweek". this is mostly due to the fact that i, apart from being a lazy bastard (which this project was supposed to cure in the first place), have grown a bit bored and hence unmotivated with the spam i keep receiving. there is only so much fun in enlargements and totally natural products. so i have decided to go one large step for humanity and actually ASK for more spam. this is my first official request for all of you fellow spam-sufferers out there to please pretty please SEND me your best spams, mail all you got to
just do me a favour and simply put "aspamaday" in the subject, so i can easily find your mails in my spam-filter!! if you want, add your name and hometown, that i may officially thank you for your suggestion.
so, go ahead, SPAM ME!!! who knows, maybe your spam will be the next to appear on!!

ps.: it goes without saying that i only want AUTHENTIC spam, right? :)


.mau. said...

just to be sure: you need just the title (for example, Surprise her with a bigger size in 2 months or Relax. Take a Deep Breath We have the answers you seek., both from today's batch), or you want to see all the spam message to be sure it was a real spam message? (I understand that we don't need to give you ideas about how to draw the cartoons)

özi's comix studio said...

hi .mau.!

the title is really all that i need. i trust you people not to make up any spam, and even if you do, who cares? :)
sometimes the first sentence in the spam-mail is quite fun, too. so send me all you think is suitable, and i will sort it out later! :)


Jeff said...

That's hilarious, you may be the only person who has ever asked for this. I'll be sure to send some your way if I get any interesting ones.

I always wondered how you were going to keep up with the "aday" name.

Niko said...

Be the man with the bang!

thats the spam i just got.

i get like 300 spam a day :P (no pun intended LOL)

YOU'RE AWESOME, keep it up

Miss F said...

I really love your blog I check back here almost everyday.

I'll be sure you to send you some interesting spam that come my way.

Your fan from the Philippines,