Thursday, June 5, 2008


although this title might very well come from a spam-mail, it is to make you, my dear readers, aware of the fact that i have decided to post the cartoons in a slightly larger yet much nicer format from now on. some have immense amount of details which just don't come through in 400x400px. just klick on the images on this page to see the larger images. (earlier posts will be replaced with larger images soon.)


Anonymous said...

The larger images are great, but could you please make it so images show up in the RSS feed? thanks!

Mosher said...

@anon - not to speak on behalf of the author, but I think that's deliberate. If you view the RSS feed, then you don't get the Google Ads down the side of this page and they don't generate revenue :)

Quite a few of the comic pages I subscribe to "force" you to visit the page for the same reason.